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Bachelorarbeiten (seit 2007)

Suppression of excited Onia States at the LHCb Experiment
M. Küng, 2012
Extended Measurements of Charge Sharing at the TT Test Stand
M. Tresch, 2011
Extension of the TT Test Stand with a Pulsed Focused Infrared Laser
C. Elsasser, 2009
Setting up an LHCb TT-Detector Test Stand
G. Landolt, 2009
LHCb TT Module Properties
V. Hangartner, 2007
The LHCb TT Production Database and an Overview of Quality Characteristics of the Detector Modules
N. Chiapolini, 2007

Masterarbeiten (seit 2007), Diplomarbeiten (bis 2007)

Measurement of Asymmetries in the Decay B0 → K*0μ+μ at the LHCb Experiment
M. Tresch, 2012
Determination of the Invariant Mass Distribution for B0(s) → μ+μ at the LHCb Experiment
C. Elsasser, 2011
Noise Investigations for the Tracker Turicensis of the LHCb Experiment
V. Hangartner, 2009
Online Monitoring for the Silicon Tracker of the LHCb Experiment
N. Chiapolini, 2009
Thermal and Mechanical Characterization of the TT Detector for the LHCb Experiment
A. Büchler, 2007
Contributions to Noise in the Data Readout for Trigger Tracker in the LHCb Experiment
U. Bieler, 2007
Simulation und Messung von Silizium-Streifen-Detektoren
St. Heule, 2003
Studies on Detector Prototypes for the Inner Tracking System of LHCb
P. Cwetanski, 2000


The Rare Decays B0(s)→μ+μ and Z Boson Production at LHCb and Radiation Damage in its Silicon Tracker
C. Elsasser, 2014
Track Reconstruction Efficiency and Analysis of B0 → K*0μ+μ at the LHCb Experiment
M. De Cian, 2013
LHCb Spectrometer Alignment and Verification of its Performance using the Decay Bd → K*0J/ψ
C. Salzmann, 2011
Mass Resolution Study of the B0s-Meson with First LHCb Data
A. Büchler, 2011
The Trigger Tracker and a Monte Carlo Study of the Bs → J/ψη' Decay in the LHCb Experiment
D. Volyanskyy, 2007
Large Area Silicon Tracking Detectors with Fast Signal Readout for the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN
S. Köstner, 2005
An Optical Readout System for the LHCb Silicon Tracker
A. Vollhardt, 2005
A Silicon Inner Tracker for the LHCb Experiment
P. Sievers, 2002
Development of a Triple GEM Detector for the LHCb Experiment
M. Ziegler, 2002


Flavor-Changing Neutral Currents at Hadron Colliders
F. Lehner, 2006