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Code documentation for the laser set-up

Raw data processing
The raw data processing step converts the labview output files to a root Tree. During this step corrections for
pedestal and a linear common mode correction in 32 channels is applied. Two main programs are supplied:

  • newana --- process file using pre-calculated pedestal run.
  • pedana  --- process file, calculate and write pedestal file using these numbers
Both take several arguements. The syntax is:

      executable output pedestals.dat [outlierCut] [iter][nEvent] < input

The output tree contains:

  • adc[128] Raw ADC values
  • adcCor[128] pedestal/common-mode corrected values
  • header[16]  header
The library, src and Makefile are found on farm04 at:


and can be made with gmake

Laser analysis package
This package is meant to hold all common laser analysis code. Don't cut and paste between macros. Put it here ! 
Some points:
  • The library, src, Makefile  is in /home/hep/lhcb/analyse/laseran
  • A shared library is built
  • It can be loaded in root: gSystem->Load("/home/hep/lhcb/analyse2/laseran/libAna");
  • Shared library means we use the root dictionary
  • If you add class's you need to edit the calls to build the dictionary in the Makefile
  • The library is rebuilt with make
Currently this library has

  RunSummarizer ---> class to calculate mean, rms per channel for a run
    maxFinder ---> class to find maximum of function with parabola fit
    linear interpolation function


Root macros for analysis

Useful Links:

Objectspace STL

Created: 25th April, 2004

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