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Tell1 Beta

  • The PC is called ccpc11. The second is ccpc4
  • For the password ask Matt or Achim
  • Login via lama
  • The user is cc
  • The user space is mirrored at /app/lhcb/ccpc/home/cc/ on the server
  • Always work (compile, run emacs etc) on the server.
Cross compilation issues (on the server, tcsh)
  • setenv CCPCROOT /app/lhcb/ccpc/defaultroot
  • setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH ${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}:/app/lhcb/ccpc/defaultroot/usr/local/lib
Downloading the firmware
  • Only if you know what you are doing
  • EPC16Handling -e -p 1 TELL1_1s25_orx_st.pof
Running the DAQ
  • Login to the credit card pc
  • cd code/tell1lib_v17/orx
  • ./daq
  • Turn off triggers from readout supervisor when prompted
  • Hit return
  • Restart triggers - the daq runs !
DAQ hints
  • The IP and MAC addresses of the gigabit card on drache are given in daq.c
  • Which GBE ports are enabled is done in daq.c Currently set to 0x3 (all ports = throwing data away)
  • By default links are disabled. Currently in daq.c we enable the first 12 links (daq.c)
Saving data
  • Login as cc to drache
  • cd code/gbe_rx_event_builder_v1
  • With the daq running sudo ./matt [nEvent] [fileName] (matt.c)
  • Multimode: sudo ./stab [nEvent] [fileName] [sleepTime in s] (stability.c)
  • ethereal: Use /app/lhcb/ethereal/bin/ethereal, capture on eth1 !

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