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Silicon Tracker Alignment

The alignment of the tracking system is logically split up into the alignment of the VELO and the alignment of the T-stations. Both systems can reconstruct tracks independently (VELO- and T-seeding). These tracks can be used to align each system individually. Then, they can be linked together and aligned by matching their seed tracks. The alignment of the TT detector is somewhat different as the four layers are not enough to determine the (4 or 5) track parameters. Therefore, the TT alignment will rely on tracks from the VELO, T-stations, or both.

The alignment constants are obtained from the conditions database. The conditions can be set by adding entries in the XML conditions database. The ST alignment conditions are automatically created by a Genx algorithm. See the corresponding tarball in DetDesc.

General links to LHCb alignment

Notes on alignment

T-Station Alignment Presentations

Mechanical constraints

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