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ST packages

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The ST code is split into a number of packages. Below follows a list of these packages with a short description and a link to the SVN repository. Note that before December 2005 most of these packages were named IT instead of ST. There are also a few classes in the LHCbKernel (STChannelID, interfaces, functors for sorting).


Event packages
     Since 2006 the old STEvent package has dissappeared. The ST event classes are now in MCEvent , DigiEvent and RecEvent .
STKernel  (SVN)
     Kernel: definitions ,constants etc.
STDet  (SVN)
     DetectorElement related code. Access to the XML geometry description.
     Event model classes related to Non Zero Suppressed Data.


STDigiAlgorithms  (SVN)
     Algorithms and tools related to digitization


STAlgorithms  (SVN)
     Algorithms related to clustering
SiTools  (SVN)
     Generic tools for silicon detectors to calculate the ionization charge and the response of the amplifier chip.
STTools  (SVN)
     This packages contains the tools to calculate the position of a cluster and the signal to noise ratio (S/N).
STAssociators  (SVN)
     Algorithms to build relation tables
STCheckers  (SVN)
     MC Monitoring and debugging tools
STMonitors  (SVN)
     Monitoring and debugging tools
     Event model classes related to the DAQ.
     Decoding algorithms for the online raw data and mapping to the offline format.


STTELL1Algorithms  (SVN)
     Tell1 emulation algorithms.
STVetraAnalysis  (SVN)
     Tell1 threshold setting algorithms.

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