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ST Detector Description

The aim of the ST detector description is to have a detailed implementation of the active and inactive elements in the detector. It is an interface to both the geometry, readout mapping and the conditions of the ST. It should also allow alignment studies to be easily performed.


Material budget

Dead strip list

The known dead strips are included in the conditions database. In the future this list will be used to configure the TELL1. Information on dead strips is also used in the reconstruction. Initially, the conditions database will be populated with known dead strips from the burn-in tests. Thereafter, the condition database will be compared to real data and updated accordingly. The code that searched for dead strips and makes the comparison is described on the STVetraAnalysis Twiki.

Geometry surveys

The information from the geometrical surveys is put in the alignment conditions database as an starting point for the software alignment using real tracks.

ST channel numbering

The channel numbering and readout partitioning for both the IT and TT are defined in LHCb-2007-137 and are also described in the links below

LHCb geometry and conditions database

The geometry database (DDDB) and Conditions (CondDB) are now in an SQLite database. Manipulation of the XML is done via for the SQLite files, either by exporting an XML database or by a GUI.
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